Weather woes and Red Flags force a re-think!
8th June 2018

Weather woes and Red Flags force a re-think!

With less than 3 months until the NG road racing club return to Combe, find out how they got on at Snetterton earlier this month... 

NG’s return to Snetterton after an eight year gap did not exactly go to plan, and left the organisers having to construct a new race programme to give everyone the chance for championship points and laps……the reason? Torrential rain storms of biblical proportions...

So much so that riders staged rubber duck races down pit lane !…. Although that does beg the question why a road racers brings plastic bath toys to a race meeting !!!!.

With only half of Saturday’s championship races complete it was decided to run the remaining races the following morning but give double the laps and double the points so that the classes retain parity of points across the board. After some initial gripes the system actually worked and gave some great racing in the warm Sunday Snetterton sunshine. That meant that everyone had the regular third race of the day……go it ?….good.

Snetterton is a fast circuit with the Senna and Bentley Straights being places where the Superbike can really stretch the legs, and riders can test their skill on the brakes.

Leicestershire based 20 year old BSB Superstock runner George Stanley returned to Snetterton on the Hawk Racing GSXR 100 Suzuki after having done the recent BSB test. However that was on the 300 circuit, whilst this NG meeting was on the 2 mile 200 layout. He was here to test the Gixer as much as he could and was out in the Open and Powerbikes where he went head to head with NG’s king of the big bikes Josh Day. When Josh was in his early 20’s he was going toe to toe with the likes of Danny Buchan in the National Superstock series…. a contest that Josh won !. George is now on that path too.

Day was up to speed straight away on his Kendrick and Spalding ZX10R and set pole for the Open. The weather was already looking bad and the race was run in wet conditions, but as has been the way for the last two seasons Day took the win by over 14 seconds from fast improving Superbike new-boy Alistair Haynes and Chris Pope on the AFB R1. Pope is known for riding well in the wet and despite a run onto the grass on lap one he still stormed (….sorry) though in the atrocious conditions to grab his best result of the year. Race two in the dry on Sunday morning saw Day out from again but this time George Stanley was in his wheel tracks and looked up for the challenge, but in typical Dayo style Josh gradually pulled away, a tenth here and a tenth there to win by 2 seconds. Behind them Haynes, Pope, Gary Stevens, Nick Williamson, Mick Goodings and George Hindle scrapped elbow to elbow for third with Williamson getting the nod. Alistair Haynes’ race ended in a huge crash at Corams in the later stages with his ZX10 systematically destroying it’s self before coming to rest. We wish Alistair a speedy return. Outing three was again a win for Day making in a full set of pole and three Open wins, but this time Stanley hung on longer and was just over a second adrift at the line.

Day and Stanley also clashed in the Powerbikes…. Day took race one again in front of the Hawk rider with the returning Peter Baker third with Taryn Skinner fourth. For the final outing of the weekend Stanley and his Hawk Suzuki clung to Day in the early laps, and then made his move….. a move that was decisive…. A move that needed the fastest lap of the weekend and a new outright NG lap record to keep Josh at bay and crossing the line just half a second clear for the win. Peter Baker had another fine podium with Nick Williamson in close attendance, proving that Superbike racing is a very special spectacle at Snetterton.


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