NG & CCC Academy

The principal ingredients of going racing are you need a club to run the race meeting and of course you need a circuit to compete on, but joining forces your Academy day at Castle Combe Circuit achieves both with flying colours. Your initial classroom style briefings will be handled by vastly experienced officials from the NG Road Racing Club, they have been involved in running race meeting for years and run an extremely professional, yet friendly and welcoming meeting. On the circuit side we employ some great instructors. On the Academy day obviously they are all either current or ex racers, all with huge experience, so you are in safe hands.

NG Academy


If you are thinking of going racing then nowadays you must attend a rider assessment session and complete a relatively simple and basic test to ensure that you are familiar with racing techniques. This will make it safer for your fellow competitors, give you a good insight into racing and of course make your racing debut much safer and easier for you. The NG Road Racing Club and Castle Combe Academy can help to ensure your entry into road racing is as positive and enjoyable as possible. It’s a great sport, but a race meeting will be hard work with lots to think about. We will explain all this on the day.


The Day 

The Academy scheme devised by the ACU, the sport's governing body, is designed to provide as much information and training as possible in a relatively short time.The day is broken down into 4 workshops introductions and briefings. This is with audio visual presentation and covers just about everything from entering the meeting, how a race meeting works, etc. Then it’s the sound check. Essential on any circuit nowadays before you are allowed out to practice or qualify. Bikes will be tested as per ACU road regulations, so brush up on these before you arrive through the ACU handbook which will be given to you with your licence application. 

Then it is on to the track. To give you the best possible chance of succeeding in the instructor observation sessions, we’ve added a little to the basic ACU requirements. But first of all we will take you around being led by instructors to make sure you can see the preferred Castle Combe race line. The principal of cornering is exactly the same at all corners so this is useful exercise to learn from some very experienced racers. After this we regroup and almost immediately it is back on the track at slightly higher speeds after which the instructors will wave you through one at a time to ensure that you understood the basics. It’s back to the pit lane for a quick one to one with you appointed instructor before back on the circuit again where we will both observe your riding at principal corners while the instructors circulate observing from on track. After this it’s another debrief when, if in the instructors opinion he feels you have progressed sufficiently, we will be ready to sign your licence application form. However, there is one final on circuit procedure and again we have broken ranks with the ACU standard practice, it’s a race start, but we do this twice to give you more experience. You will line up on the grid in exactly the same way as you will for your first race, we will then go through a standard race start procedure and then we repeat it. 

We are there to answer any questions you may have arising from the course and to advise you on your next steps. But with your application form duly signed you are ready to apply for your road racing licence and join a very special group of competitors. We wish you all the luck and success in the world.

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